YOOF is proud to support school music teachers and programs! All YOOF musicians are strongly encouraged to participate in their school orchestra or band, and many have represented their schools in county, state, and national honor groups. YOOF members represent the 70 different elementary, middle, high schools, and colleges listed below:

Akers Elementary
Alta Sierra Middle
Baird Middle
Bakersfield College
Buchanan High
Bullard High
Bullard Talent Elementary
CA State University, Fresno
CA Virtual Academies
Central High
Central High West
Central Valley Christian
Clark Intermediate
Clovis East High
Clovis High
Clovis North High
Clovis West High
Connecting Waters
Dry Creek Elementary
Edison Computech Middle
Edison High
El Diamante High
Exeter Union High School
Fairmont Elementary
Forkner Elementary
Fort Washington Elementary
Freedom Elementary
Fresno Christian High
Fresno City College
Fresno High School
Fugman Elementary
Garces Memorial High School
Garfield Elementary
Gibson Elementary
Glacier High School
Granite Hills High School
Granite Ridge Intermediate
Hallmark Charter School
Hanford High
Hanford West
HMW Academy
Hoover High
John Muir Elementary
Kastner Intermediate
Liberty Elementary
Liberty High
Lupton Home Learning
Madera High School
Manchester G.A.T.E. Elementary
Maple Creek Elementary
Mountain Home School
Neutra Elementary
Niles Academy
Our Lady of Victory Elementary
Reagan Elementary
Redwood High School
Reedley College
Reyburn Intermediate
San Joaquin Memorial High
Sanger Academy
Sierra Charter School
St. Anthony of Padua Elementary
University High School
Valley Oak Elementary
Valley Oak Middle School
Valley Prep Academy
Wawona Middle
West Hills College
Woods Elementary