Here the basic duties of our Parent Liaison team members:

flutists in rehearsal


  • Keep track of attendance at each rehearsal. Leave completed sheets in the correct folder so we can find them each week and add the information to our attendance databases.
  • Please make sure musicians sign in as they enter the rehearsal room. You will probably want to remind musicians at break, and then check toward the end of each rehearsal to be certain everyone actually present has signed in.
Shawn Toner


  • Find and provide any missing parts needed during rehearsal (music is stored in file boxes we bring to every rehearsal).
  • Remember to charge participants for truly lost music. It’s supposed to be $5 for each piece you must replace for them, but you can make it $0.25 or $1 if you like. The point is simply to impress on kids that these things have a cost. But there’s an easier way: musicians may simply borrow parts for rehearsal (no charge), as long as they return the parts at rehearsal’s end.
  • Still have questions? Ask Shawn Toner, our music librarian! (559-394-6068, )
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  • YCO liaisons: We hope you will be able to arrive by 1:45pm and will be willing to help with setup if necessary.
  • YSO liaisons: you might be asked to help move a stand or a chair, but generally won’t have to do much in this department.
  • YPO liaisons: it would be great if you could help ensure that participants put away their chairs and stands and leave the band room pristine (they learn the routine pretty much immediately). Note that each kind of stand (YOOF stands, gold stands, regular stands) has a special set of racks. Students must be directed to the correct rack for each type of stand.


  • Set up/oversee/clean up after snacks at weekly rehearsals.
  • YCO liaisons: You will be the ones to fill the water jugs each Sunday. You’ll go to the backstage of the Concert Hall, second door on the left, with our empty plastic jugs (Shawn will have the key).
  • YPO liaisons: You will be sure that, at the end of rehearsal, orchestra members help clean up any remaining snack materials and trash and that someone empties the plastic water jugs and returns them, dry, to our snack locker (997).

Contact information: 

Julia Copeland, Executive Director: (812) 320-3885 [(559) 512-6694],

Thomas Loewenheim, Music Director: (812) 325-6147;

Kathryn Whitehouse, Liaison Coordinator: (559) 779-1921;

Adam Elmore, YCO conductor and facilities expert: (951) 415-8814,

Shawn Toner, coach, librarian, and YOOF facilitator: (559) 394-6068,

Campus police (for unlocking doors): (559) 278-8400

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