Thank you so much for helping make our young musicians' experience in our orchestras the best and most instructive it can possibly be!

Coaches are expected to attend every YOOF rehearsal they have indicated they can attend. Last-minute absences are understandable, but we really need you, so if you find you can’t attend, please let us know well in advance.

You are not a ringer—you are a teacher. Because you are there week after week, you exert an important musical influence on YOOF participants. Your enthusiasm and professionalism are inspiring to the players you are working with.

Thanks again!

Please complete the following form for this calendar year so all our information is up to date!

ALSO--SUPER IMPORTANT: Please visit our YOOF GOOGLE CALENDAR immediately to check all scheduled rehearsal and concert dates for the ensemble(s) with which you will be working. Notify us IMMEDIATELY at if you can see in advance any dates when you will be unable to attend. Thank you!

Please remember to complete and submit a W-9 form if you are being paid for your services. (Click here to download a pdf version of the W-9.) Turn in the completed form at first possible rehearsal. Thanks!


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Permanent Address (if different from mailing address)

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A few helpful hints about coaching:

What to do in rehearsal:

  • We already know you’ll set a great example—our coaches seem to do that naturally.
  • You are playing as part of the orchestra, lending invaluable support just by doing that. But you can also lend support by helping with technical issues.
  • Feel free to talk quietly to the young players if you need to give them pointers.  (Just be sensitive to the needs of the conductor—you know when to sneak in a few words!)
  • You may be asked to lead a sectional. YOOF coaches are so well prepared musically that we like to give them this kind of responsibility. The only cautions we would offer would be to be sure not to single anyone out for criticism and to be very clear about what you are trying to accomplish with any one effort, so you can let students know when they have achieved whatever it is you are asking for. That way they will feel successful and will think of you with great affection.
  • During rehearsals, don’t hesitate to move around within the section to help different players, if you sense there are several who might need the support. If, however, you feel that you can do the most good by sitting beside one player for an entire rehearsal period, that is also fine. We will trust your judgment.